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The objective of goodswitch is to re-capture 200% of the CO2 we emit, by creating a virtuous circle with all actors of our society.

We want to embark as much people and organisations as possible. So, rather than fighting and criticizing the consumer society dynamic, we want to leverage it. It gives the possibility to get the attention of all actors (consumers, suppliers, manufacturers) and to drive them to capture their CO2 footprint, encourage each other, and create a virtuous circle that can capture more CO2 than what they emit. 

Goodswitch is a start-up that saw the light in 2018, founded by Cedric Hanon. The idea behind Goodswitch is to create a virtuous circle between all actors of our society, so that all encourage each others to capture their carbon footprint and make it positive. They can do this on their own level, in a positive way and devoid of any moralising or dualistic talk. We noticed that an alarmist, reproachful tone motivated very few people to actually change their behaviour. The failure to inspire enthusiasm and a positive sense of urgency has a negative impact on the environment.  Any time that we waste by only reaching a small part of the population means that society at large will have to maintain an environmental imprint that is simply too big. That’s why it’s necessary to approach things differently and to start a positive spiral by adding millions of small steps that result in a major impact 

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In Belgium, Goodswitch works with Urban Forests which recreates green spaces in towns and villages in a participative approach which involves the public (owners, companies, individuals, schools, etc.).


Urban Forests uses the Miyawaki reforestation method which allows restore forest ecosystems on small areas. These forests provide many ecosystem services, improve the living environment and require very little maintenance. They grow 10 times faster than an ordinary plantation, are 30 x denser, and offer 20 times more biodiversity.

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› graine de vie

In Madagascar, Goodswitch works with the NGO Graine de vie. Created 10 years ago, it has already planted more than 19 million trees. In hot regions, species have a rapid growth and therefore a rapid absorption rate of CO2. Graine de vie is a recognized NGO that ensures the quality of the plantation and the care that is given to the trees.

Graine de vie is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) created as an NPO under Belgian and Luxembourg law, which aims to compensate the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of our industrialized countries by planting trees in developing countries.

In order to ensure the monitoring and development of reforestation, we create a nursery in each of the planting sites and train local people to manage it. Through local authorities and schools, we are developing a program to raise public awareness of environmental protection. To achieve these objectives, all our members are committed to working on a voluntary basis to ensure that all entrusted funds entrusted are used directly and fully for the management of nurseries and tree planting. On the other hand, they pay the tree nurserymen and tree planting workers a salary and thus contribute to improving life of the people living in the reforestation areas.


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